NCA-CCA cluster

CCA joins NCA in compute cluster operation and extension

The CCA is joining forces with the Neuroscience Campus Amsterdam (VUmc-NCA) in operating and extending their 500 core compute cluster.

As a CCA researcher (or affiliate) you are invited to start using this cluster for your bioinformatics calculations (costs may apply).

The cluster is ideal for analyzing many data sets each of which with the same program or workflow.
The CCA-Drylab (contact Christian Rausch) is supporting CCA researchers in getting started using this High Performance Computer.

The cluster consists of 8 connected nodes (computers) that have each:

  • 64 AMD cores
  • 256 GB RAM
  • 256 GB hard drive

27 TB main disc available to all nodes via infiniband. One node (thinker node) is available for building and testing new workflows.

Please contact Christian Rausch for further information:
Email address Christian Rausch