About the Drylab

The Drylab is an initiative of the VUmc Cancer Center Amsterdam (CCA) to enable top scientific research in the promising field of ‘Big Data’ research, with a particular focus on building the required infrastructure.

Drylab vision:
The Drylab is aligning already ongoing bioinformatics activities in the CCA with the goal to support all VUmc-CCA groups in the analysis of ‘Big Data’ coming from the ‘omics’ sciences Genomics (DNA), Transcriptomics (RNA) and Proteomics (protein).
To realize this support, the Drylab is building and running a hardware- and software-infrastructure to process and analyze these data and gives courses to teach the users how to use these services.

The Drylab aligns and collaborates with related initiatives on the national and international level. Notably it connects to the national CTMM-TraIT (‘Translational research IT’) initiative headed by Prof. Dr. GA Meijer.

Drylab3ShellsFigure: Shell model indicating where the CCA Drylab is acting along with its main agenda points (bullet point list).

Read the detailed vision document